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Top 10 Christmas Children’s Charities

Dec, 09, 2012 admin Charitable Causes 0

Many of us look for ways to reach out to needy and hurting children in an effort to make their Christmas season a little brighter. Choosing a trustworthy and reliable charity for your special Christmas project may seem overwhelming with so many organizations to choose from. Each of these favorite Christmas charity projects offers unique …

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Installing Security Cameras

Dec, 08, 2012 admin Security Tips 0

Installing Security Cameras After you’ve determined the area or areas which will undergo surveillance, it’s important to set up the security system properly. A poor installation won’t get you any results, and if you’ve never had any experience with electronics, it would be best to have a professional handle the job. Any legitimate security service …

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Workplace Security Awareness Tips

Dec, 01, 2012 admin Security Tips 2

Workplace Security Awareness In any small business, workplace or organization we face security threats not only from physical sources but online sources. ¬†Backstreet Surveillance proudly offers surveillance equipment to keep you safe and protected through video monitoring and recording, but here are some other tips and practices via FEMA that will help you reduce security …

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